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All we need for our outfit to be bang on trend this winter is a leopard-print accessory. So how about a BABY-G in a leopard design?
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Minimalist, stylish and simple: This is the approach Berlin-based designer
Hien Le has taken at this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, impressing critics and fashionistas alike. Marking the brand's twentieth birthday, Hien Le has worked with BABY-G to create his interpretation of two watch models.
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When Alyssa Wooten learnt how to surf aged 13 in her hometown of Honolulu, her life changed completely: Standing on the board and riding the last wave of the day was the most important thing in the world for the sporting ace.
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BABY-G and FTI Touristik have given away a trip Down Under. Find out here what the winner, Marita, got up to with her best friend on their indescribably beautiful, awe-inspiring trip through South Australia.
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BABY-G is supporting fresh newcomer label Barre Noire with trendy watch models from the current collection. The ensembles worn by models at Fashion Week Berlin showed how a BABY-G can put the finishing touch to a Barre Noire outfit.
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At the age of two she took skiing lessons from her mother, and by the time Erica was four she had already learnt to water ski and ride a mountain bike. Erica Hosseini is a true sportswoman.
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