A stylish entrance on the catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week

Minimalist, stylish and simple: Who needs an arm full of bracelets, chains and glitz when a single accessory will do? This is the approach Berlin-based designer Hien Le has taken at this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, impressing critics and fashionistas alike. Marking the brand's twentieth birthday, Hien Le has worked with BABY-G to create his interpretation of several watch models, which, alongside key pieces from his collection, were showcased during the opening show.

Limited edition:
The "BABY-G by Hien Le"

In a style befitting his collection, Hien Le used dark grey and shades of black for his BABY-G watches alongside the white that typically features in his designs. In keeping with his style, Hien Le has made the wristbands on the watches out of materials featured in his collection. So it's no wonder that elegant, dark-blue and teal patterned tartan material is paired with a black watch casing, high-quality Bordeaux leather is likewise combined with a black casing, and bright, white linen with embroidered embellishments is used to create a BABY-G that is almost entirely white.